• Review: Everyone is Awesome #40516

    Everyone is Awesome is the first Lego set dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community. Retailing at $34.99, it’s a 346-piece set with 11 monochrome minifigures. It’s a solid 360 display piece that is fully tiled to give a polished appearance.

  • Winter Village Update: October 25th 2022

    When I started collecting LEGO a few weeks ago, my motivation was to purchase some exciting holiday decorations. I thought they would look more interesting dotted around my apartment than decorations from a big box store. However, as my collection grew, I had a burning itch to create a winter village, complete with mini figures.… Read more

  • Haul: 10/23/2022

    I am so excited about my LEGO journey that I want to share as many aspects of it with you as possible – including my shopping experiences! Today, I went to the LEGO store to hit up the pick-a-brick wall for the first time to get some bricks to bring some texture to my winter… Read more

  • Review: Christmas Penguin #40498

    The Christmas Penguin is an inexpensive winter decoration that I display on my desk at work. Read more

  • Review: Christmas Tree #40573

    You can’t have LEGO Christmas decorations without a tree! Once I saw this, I decided it could be my Christmas tree instead of putting up a fake one. Much easier to deal with year-on-year, I thought. Read more