• Review: Everyone is Awesome #40516

    Everyone is Awesome is the first Lego set dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community. Retailing at $34.99, it’s a 346-piece set with 11 monochrome minifigures. It’s a solid 360 display piece that is fully tiled to give a polished appearance.

  • Review: Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue #75947

    Retiring in 2021, Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue is a 496-piece Harry Potter set that retailed for $59.99. I grabbed it recently, and it is well below MSRP! It’s a spectacular display set with six minifigures, a molded Buckbeak, and a light brick. Read more

  • Review: Mobile Crane #60324

    Every evolving city has a construction site that needs vehicles and workers! Mobile Crane #60324 is a glorious 340-piece City set. Including a road plate, boom, and two detailed minifigures, it’s a fantastic Lego set for any builder. Read more

  • Review: Bookshop #10270

    The Bookshop, released in 2020, is a 2504-piece set in the modular buildings collection. The set contains two buildings – Birch Books and an apartment. It’s due to retire at the end of 2023, so grab one while you can! Read more

  • Review: The Avengers Quinjet #76248

    The Avengers Quinjet has 795 pieces and was released in January of 2023. The set captures the 2012 Quinjet magnificently and can be stylized with SHIELD or Avengers logos. With multiple display styles and five minifigures (4 unique), this is a must for all Avengers fans! Read more

  • Review: Spring VIP Add-on Pack #40606

    During April 2023, VIP members receive the Spring VIP Add-on Pack #40606 with a qualifying purchase of US$50. The poly bag contains 128 pieces, designed to bring your current sets, city, or free build to life. I’ve broken down the pack’s contents for you! Read more

  • Latest gift with purchases from Lego

    It’s a stackable gift with purchase (GWP) week at the Lego store! Getting multiple GWPs is always a great deal, so let’s look at what is on offer and what purchasing thresholds you need to hit to secure your desired GWPs. Read more

  • What’s This PAB Cup Worth?

    I bought a large PAB cup for $15.99 at the Lego store yesterday. After posting earlier this week about how PAB cups are an economical method to stock up on Lego parts, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see how much Lego I got for my money. Read to find out the… Read more

  • Review: Assembly Square #10255

    Assembly Square is the largest set in the modular building series, with 4002 pieces retails for $299.99. Released to celebrate the theme’s 10th anniversary, it’s a town square in one set with a bakery, cafe, dentist, flower shop, dance studio, photography suite, and nursery. Grab the set before it retires! Read more