• Review: Electric Scooters & Charging Dock #40526

    Electric scooters and charging dock is an excellent add-on pack for any city. Though the set retired at the end of 2022, it remains in stock with a 20% discount. The 50-piece set is superb value with three minifigures, two scooters, and a few printed tiles.

  • Review: Yellow Taxi #40468

    The yellow taxi is a Lego exclusive set. It’s a perfect addition to anyone building a city, adding a splash of color along with an iconic vehicle. Read more

  • Review: Old Trafford – Manchester United #10272

    This recently retired set is a must for any Manchester United supporter, and it has a lot of excellent building techniques to delight AFOLs too. The design is near flawless and is an incredible replica of one of the world’s most iconic stadiums. Read more

  • 60 lbs. Bulk Haul Part II: There’s More!

    There was another box to go along with my recent 60 lbs. haul. I’ve found many minifigures, dinosaurs, and animals! Can’t wait to incorporate them all into my city. Read more

  • Review: Santa’s Workshop #40565

    Getting this GWP motivated me to make a qualifying purchase as it fits with my winter village, and it went with the Winter Elves Scene (the November GWP). I liked the look of the toy conveyer belt, and I always want more elves and Santa minifigures! Read more

  • Review: Winter Elves Scene #40564

    During VIP weekend in November 2022, I qualified for this GWP by making a minimum purchase of $170. This is my first winter GWP, and I was excited to add it to my winter village. The set is valued at $19.99 US, and I would have happily paid that to get my hands on this… Read more

  • Review: Santa’s Sleigh #40499

    Picking up Santa’s sleigh is a no-brainer when purchasing Lego sets for Christmas decorations. It looks stunning and doesn’t appear to be a Lego set at first glance. I was attracted to the big red sleigh and the four reindeer. Read more

  • Bulk Haul: 60 lbs. of Star Wars, Marvel, and City Sets!

    I got 60 lbs. of bulk LEGO and after 20 hours of sorting I have some idea what treasures I have! Read more

  • Review: Santa’s Visit #10293

    Santa’s Visit is the holiday set for 2021. For $99.99 USD, you get 1445 pieces, 4 minifigures and an incredible set that looks stunning from all angles. One of my favorite sets to date. Read more