• Review: Captain America and Hydra Face-off #76189

    I enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of my favorite characters is Captain America. When I saw this set reduced right before retirement, I snapped it up for the minifigures. It’s a great set that will stand the test of child’s play.

  • Bulk Haul: 60 lbs. of Star Wars, Marvel, and City Sets!

    I got 60 lbs. of bulk LEGO and after 20 hours of sorting I have some idea what treasures I have! Read more

  • Review: Santa’s Visit #10293

    Santa’s Visit is the holiday set for 2021. For $99.99 USD, you get 1445 pieces, 4 minifigures and an incredible set that looks stunning from all angles. One of my favorite sets to date. Read more

  • Review: Creative White Bricks #11012

    I saw this little set while out looking for elements for my winter village and spotted that it was only $5 at Target. It’s not something I would buy now, but I was just starting my journey then, so I was lured in by the price. I wanted the penguin and the snowman, I’ll admit it. Definitely an impulse buy. Read more

  • Review: Holiday Main Street #10308

    The holiday 2022 set is split into 4 components – a tram, toy store, music shop, and a mail box scene. It’s ideal for multi-person building. There are also instructions to motorize the tram to give your winter display another dimension. Read more

  • Review: Lunar New Year Ice Festival #80109

    I grabbed this set for 30% off – after being tempted by the staggering 13 minifigures it comes with and all the winter elements. Read more

  • LEGO Haul: 11/05/2022

    Can an unplanned trip to the LEGO store ever be a bad thing? It was t-shirt weather at the start of November in Buffalo, NY. I had an expiring coupon for a free burrito from Moe’s. There’s a Moe’s location next to the LEGO store. Some might say that this trip was destiny. 😇😂 Shopping […] Read more

  • Review: Elf Club House #10275

    The Elf House Club is the holiday set for 2020. Retailing for $99.99 USD, this 1197 piece set comes with four elf minifigures and a light brick. Read more

  • Review: BrickHeadz Shorthair Cats #40441

    I’m not a Brickheadz collector, but I couldn’t resist these adorable cats to decorate my desk at work. This was my first LEGO set – the one that started it all… Read more