• Review: Electric Scooters & Charging Dock #40526

    Electric scooters and charging dock is an excellent add-on pack for any city. Though the set retired at the end of 2022, it remains in stock with a 20% discount. The 50-piece set is superb value with three minifigures, two scooters, and a few printed tiles.

  • Review: Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle

    Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle is a 322-piece set that captures Thanos’ main spaceship in the Avengers Infinity Saga. It has two unique minifigures (Thanos and Captain Marvel) and retails for $40. Recently retired, this is a set you’ll want to grab quickly if you’re a collector. Read more

  • Creator 3-in-1 March 2023 Releases

    Seven new Creator 3-in-1 sets just hit the shelves. It’s an exciting wave that offers something for everyone. Let’s take a brief look at these new releases. Prices range from $9.99 to $59.99. Read more

  • Review: Year of the Rabbit #40575

    Lego has made a Lunar New Year gift with purchase (GWP) for nine years, and this rabbit fits in with those previous entries. This is my first Lunar New Year as a Lego collector, and I am not disappointed with my foray into the series. The build is straightforward, so it is appropriate for all… Read more

  • Review: Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix #76394

    Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix is a recently retired set from the Harry Potter line. It’s a technical build, with mechanized wings, complete with plenty of customizable positioning. It will be a fantastic addition to your Lego collection due to it’s vibrant colors and life-like appearance. Read more

  • Review: Roadwork Truck #60284

    Every city, even a Lego one, is burdened with roadworks, so you’ll need this set to deal with them! With a front-end tipping loader and a batch of accessories, it’s a packed 4+ set that’s equally suited for the city builder and children’s play. Read more

  • Review: Captain America and Hydra Face-off #76189

    I enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of my favorite characters is Captain America. When I saw this set reduced right before retirement, I snapped it up for the minifigures. It’s a great set that will stand the test of child’s play. Read more

  • Review: Horse Transporter #60327

    I bought this charming set as it reminds me of my mum and her dearly departed horse, Star. While building, I fell in love with it’s playability and details. Great set for children and city builders. Read more

  • Building LEGO tables!

    Deciding to build a Lego city is a massive undertaking. Not only do you need the financial resources to fund the project, but you also need time and space. The final element is tables upon which to build your plastic brick city. Here’s how I faced the final hurdle to founding a Lego city. Read more