Hi! I am Callie B. Scott, a Scot living in Buffalo, NY.

I started collecting LEGO in the fall of 2022 following falling in love with the product after building Old Trafford (I’m a massive Manchester United supporter) and then Santa’s Visit. The details made me giddy, and I enjoyed the building process astronomically.

Quickly, I made a winter village for the holiday season and decided my interests lay primarily in developing a city. I custom-built tables, and my city was founded in January 2023. I plan to create a modular city, beachfront, park, underwater scene, and medieval area. It will be a long and exciting project, and I hope you’ll follow along as my LEGO world takes shape.

My favorite themes are Icons, Marvel, Creator, and City. So, my reviews will focus on those areas as those are the ones I will buy and build for my collection.

Everything you find on this site was written by me; all opinions and mistakes are my own.

Hope you enjoy the site and get in touch to talk all things LEGO!



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