Set Name: Christmas Tree
Set Number: 40573
Pieces: 784
MSRP: $44.99/CA$54.99/AU$79.99/£39.99

Why I Bought this Set

You can’t have LEGO Christmas decorations without a tree! Once I saw this, I decided it could be my Christmas tree instead of putting up a fake one. Much easier to deal with year-on-year, I thought.

When purchased, I hadn’t yet decided on creating an entire LEGO winter wonderland, but no holiday landscape would be complete without it. Most likely, this is why LEGO released this set. When I make my winter display, this tree will be a fitting centerpiece, as it is taller than the Santa Visit set and the Elf Clubhouse sets.


The Build

This set is a 2-in-1, with either one large tree or two smaller trees. I hope to use this as the centerpiece of my holiday LEGO display, so I opted to build one large tree. The bags are not numbered, so you have one giant pile of bricks. I don’t mind this, search for the right brick is part of the fun!

It didn’t take long to put together – there are no tedious stickers to line up that can slow building down. An easy build that will take you around an hour.

The base is the first part of the build, with some lovely detail on the base plate. Hearts are a bit of an odd choice, in my opinion, for a Christmas tree, but that is merely personal preference. Easy enough to change out if it really irked me.

After the base is constructed, it’s time to put together the tree, which comprises 13 layers over two sections. The bottom layer is the largest, with the most structural elements. The candles with flame pieces are always a nice touch. Not that I would have flames on a real tree – another bonus of LEGO!


As expected, the build gets somewhat repetitive, as each layer is almost the same as the previous one. The set does an excellent job of changing the decorations to keep things exciting and producing a compelling aesthetic.

The set has some structure, which is excellent as it doesn’t make me concerned about moving the tree, or its longevity. Nothing fancy, just a simple spindle through the middle to hold everything in place.

The top seven layers are constructed as a separate section, with their own center spindle for structural support. What’s really cool – and I didn’t realize it when I purchased the set – is that the top spins! Little details like these are what has ignited my new-found passion for LEGO. You need the black piece in the photo below to do the swivel. Another learning point for me was at the beginning of my LEGO journey.


The build is almost complete. All that’s left is the top of the tree!

Set Review

I may be new to LEGO building, but overall I found this set tedious to build. Of course, it’s a tree; it would never be exciting. However, it didn’t have any “oooh, look how they made that from those pieces” moments. That is a tad disappointing.

The base is the most exciting element, with detail and sturdiness that proves this set can act as a decoration for years to come. The top half of the tree does rotate, which is rather sweet.

There are plenty of extra pieces due to the 2-in-1 build, so I added a few additional decorations to my tree to fill it out a little more.

Missing Some Lights

I find it disappointing that there were no light bricks in this set; a Christmas tree isn’t much without lights! Even one brick would have been a nice touch to light up the star. Alas, purchasing a lighting kit seems to be in my future.



Build: 2/5
Lacks enjoyment, creativity, and learning opportunities.

Display: 4/5
While it may not have been the most exciting build, it is an effective end product. With lights, this will be a 5/5 display.

Price: 4/5
It’s a fair price point compared to other sets I have built this month. The tree will last for many years, even if you use it as a holiday decoration rather than as a permanent display.

Final Thoughts
Overall, it’s easy to put together, and the result is highly effective. It’s a must-have set for anyone building a winter set or for those who want a Christmas decoration that is a bit different.

Buy the Set



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