Set Name: Elf Club House
Set Number: 10275
Pieces: 1197
MSRP: $99.99/CA$139.99/AU$149.99/£79.99

Why I Bought this Set

While searching the website in September of 2022, I decided to get some Christmas-themed sets to use as attractive festive decorations. I noticed that this set was retiring soon, so I snapped it up. I was attracted to the lights at the front of the house, the cute reindeer carriage, and the elves!

The Build

The build begins with the extra elements in addition to the house – including the reindeer carriage, a tree, and a series of gifts to place under it. You also build a desktop computer from the early naughties to show that elves might need a technology upgrade. From the moment I began building, I was overwhelmed with the cuteness of the elf minifigures and then the creativity in making a plane, boat, and piano from parts that bore no resemblance to their final piece.


Each Christmas LEGO set has a tree element; this tree is better than most. There is a lot of detail using green cheese wedges and studs to generate a realistic, decorated, and textured tree. At the top, you build an impressive star.

The final part of pack one is the reindeer and sled for a single elf. This element looks impressive, and I know that making my elf move around will be one of the set’s highlights for me.

Bag two signifies the time to start their house. As expected, the base is laid out before the first floor’s walls are constructed. I like the window elements and the two-tone path.


Inside the first floor, there are some delightful details. On the left, we have a breakfast table with waffles and a nice sticker element, creating a family portrait. On the left is a gift-wrapping station next to the coffee pot. I must say, I love the scissors!

The first floor gets finished off using standard techniques. This is not a modular building (it has an open back, so it doesn’t need to be); therefore, the floor constructs are fixed in place. I can see the value of a lighting kit for such sets, as it can be pretty dark, and hard to see the detail once the upper floor is placed.

With the next bag, the upper floor quickly comes to life. I adore the main window, with an ornate frame, and how it is highlighted with curved tile pieces.


There is a lot of detail inside the upper floor too. The elves’ bedroom has a chair and side lamp for some late-night reading. There is also a dresser with a mug and a present. Above the bunk beds, a sticker element created a calendar with December 24th circled. You can turn the clock to knock the elves’ bed forward to quickly get them out of bed. Seems harsh to me!

All the Elf House needs now is a roof, and these are constructed with technic-hinged panels. I found these directions illuminating and learned much about building a solid yet dynamic top.

Inside the roof panels is a light brick activated by pulling the little lever. I adore this feature, as it really adds something to the build as a whole.


Polishing the house’s exterior includes adding roof panels to the side elements, lights around the A-frame, a signpost, and a tree. You also build a little star-viewing deck. I think this is where the elves watch for Santa coming home.

The final element of the house is the chimney which is a separate build using the last bag of parts. It’s a clever addition to the home, complete with a waffle delivery system and a burner that flips out, so the elf has easy access to delicious breakfast food at all times! I like the part usage to create the facade – mixing up the bricks to develop an authentic masonry appearance.

The completed build looks stunning. The chimney can pivot to sit at 90 degrees against the kitchen area. I love how the set looks with all the peripheral elements made at the start of the build.


Set Review

There is very little to dislike about this set. It’s festive, whimsical, detailed, and lit, with technical building elements and fantastic part usage. If I had one gripe, it might be the muted color of the house, but I’ve never been a massive fan of green, so I think that is a personal preference rather than a comment on the design.

Of particular note are the four elf minifigures, each of which is fun, unique, and brings life to this house.

I think the bunk beds and the ability to flip them are a little gimmicky, and while it does work, it doesn’t add much to the set. The exterior of the building is far superior to the interior, though I like the part used to create the wrapping station.



Build: 5/5
Without question, this was a fun build. It mixed LEGO’s cute, entertaining side with the technical aspects of building brilliantly. I enjoyed how the roofs were constructed and the holiday lights trimmed the house’s frame.

There are no repetitive aspects to this build, with each of the two levels having individual floor plans and elements. The chimney was an excellent final structure to complete the house, full of detail and storytelling.

Display: 5/5
The elf house looks terrific as a stand-alone set or one incorporated into a winter village. The height of the building is on point, and the open back is typical of these builds. I think this is acceptable for seasonal sets, as they aren’t part of a cityscape, and this way, you maintain playability. The built-in light brick adds a lot to the design, and the colorful “lights” on the front of the house set the holiday tone perfectly.

The elf minifigures will be an asset to any Christmas-themed LEGO display.

Price: 5/5
The winter-themed sets are exceptional value, and at $99.99 in the states, this one is no different. For that, you get a building, peripherals, and four minifigures. Notably, the build has many molded and expensive parts, like a reindeer and a light brick, so you don’t overpay for this set. As it is not a licensed product, you get more for your money, which is how the price per piece is slightly over 8 cents.


Final Thoughts

I loved this build and am glad I could snap it up this year, as it will retire at the end of 2022. I don’t look at pictures too closely once I have decided to buy a set, so I can be surprised by the detail while I build. This house doesn’t disappoint. I also learned a lot about construction techniques as this was one of the first sets I made.

If you like to display holiday lego in any way, buy this set. You can also find models that help your Elf Club House fit into any footprint.

Buy the Set


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