Set Name: Creative White Bricks
Set Number: 11012
Pieces: 60
MSRP: $4.99/CA$6.99/AU$7.99/£4.99

Why I Bought this Set

I saw this little set while out looking for elements for my winter village and spotted that it was only $5 at Target. It’s not something I would buy now, but I was just starting my journey then, so I was lured in by the price. I wanted the penguin and the snowman, I’ll admit it. Definitely an impulse buy.


The Build

As you would expect, this build was straightforward. It is intended to be a little toy for young children, so I didn’t expect anything different. The set comes with a single 40-page book with a contents page that directs you to the exact build if you do not want to create them in order. The parts come in two bags, which is sad to see, as it’s another example of plastic usage that Lego could have avoided.


I didn’t take pictures while I built these little guys, as some only have around 10 bricks in the entire build. However, I must admit I love these characters’ cartoonish effect.

My favorite is probably the sheep, which has a ton of personality derived from the eyes and the ears. The snowman is a close second, and I’m chuffed at how good he looks with this nose and broomstick. He lacks the refinement of other elements that are in my winter village, but I’ll find a spot for him!


Here are some close-up of the animals – they really are effective and show the versatility of Lego, from the simple to the intricate. Okay, I adore the penguin too. The beak is on point, and adding fish is a delightful bonus.


Set Review

This might be a small set intended for children, but I was impressed with its contents. There are some excellent molded pieces, such as the broom, fish, and leaf. The printed eyes are a good feature, too, and you get extra of them, which is ideal as these are the elements that tend to get lost! It also means you can change out the eyes on the animals to give them different expressions if you choose.

The design on the animals is also top-notch for a set with large bricks and a small piece count.



Build: 3/5
As an AFOL, this didn’t hit the mark for me, but I am trying to enter the target audience’s mindset – a young child – for this review. Even though that lens, I think the set lacks a fun build element. After all, one of the four builds is two bricks together with a couple of leaves and studs. That’s not exciting.

The animal builds are fun, and both young and new builders alike can learn some good techniques.

Display: 3/5
The animals are visually compelling. Let’s not hold back on the fact that they are cute too. I do like the snowman, which was the draw for me initially. These elements will work in a winter scene and on a farm.

Price: 3/5
While this set was only $5 US, it is a lot for what you get. Of course, the cost of printing the booklet and packaging is a base price, so the smaller the set, the more that inflates the PPP. You’re going to pay 8 cents a piece for this one.


Final Thoughts

This was an impulse buy that I was drawn to for the snowman. At the beginning of my Lego journey, I would not repurchase this set. However, I only say that as I like to purchase pieces and look for models myself. They also aren’t as detailed and polished as I will want in the future. Despite these personal hangups, I do think for those wanting a quick build of cute elements, it’s an excellent set and a great stocking stuffer for a young Lego enthusiast.

Buy the Set


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