A friend from work’s son had a used Lego collection wasting away in boxes. When they heard I was into Lego and would buy anyone’s unused bricks, an agreement was reached. I had no idea what there would be or how much. I was hoping for some parts for MILS plates and to start a little part inventory.

A few days later, it turned out that there were just over 60 lbs. in two massive plastic tubs (cat for scale). I took the lot and put around 20 hours into doing an initial sort.

I went for highly generic sorting categories for the first pass – plate, brick, tile, minifigs, technic, and random stuff (like wheels, plane noses, etc.) There were quite a few non-Lego parts that have been either disposed of or sorted for donation.

I had a lot of fun discovering pieces and breaking apart builds. My fingers, however, didn’t appreciate the labor; they became dry and cracked from separating all the parts! It was worth it, though; what a treasure trove I uncovered.


Identifying Sets

It was evident from all the light blue grey plate that Star Wars was heavily featured in this haul, and the number of Storm Troopers I discovered only cemented that. Most of the Lego was in pieces, but some elements were big enough to help identify exact sets. For example, I know I had an AT-AT in there by looking at this foot – but which one?

After analyzing the foot and looking at the minifigures I had reconstructed, I determined that I probably have AT-AT #75054. My best friend asked me to part that out for her, so I’ll do precisely that. Honestly, I reckon I have enough parts in this haul to create any AT-AT, excluding the UCS version, so I’ll have the parts, even if I select the wrong one.

Later, I found this enormous piece of what I assumed to be a Star Wars plane (forgive my ignorance – while I have seen the movies, I am not a fan). Looks like I have Poe’s X-Wing Fighter #75102 here. Another set I’ll part out for the BFF.

Something for me was finding the rare iron Spiderman, which only came in the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown #76108 set – so I surmised those parts were probably in the haul somewhere. I built Dr. Strange from the minifig parts I found to solidify my inkling. I am delighted as I have yet to purchase the current Sanctum Sanctorum, so I look forward to putting this together for my city. While I will likely mod the set, I am thrilled as the minifigures are unique.


Minifigures Galore!

I was giddily stunned at how many minifigures this haul had. Granted, many were headless, some were handless, and far too many were torsos and legs. I don’t know why most were taken apart and missing arms and heads. It might be best to not ask too many questions of the young teenager.

So, I got to work using bricklink to help identify how to reconstruct the minifigures to their original state. At times, I could use set parts to assist in narrowing down the correct minifigure if a print piece was used for multiple figures. Once I identified one, I discerned what other figures were in the set and hoped I could reconstruct them. The process has been tedious but well worth the reward.

I have discovered that I am a Star Wars minifigure fan! Their design and print details are gorgeous, and the Storm Trooper helmets are cool. I like the pilots too! Are these in the hands of the wrong person? Probably. At least I have saved them from being disassembled and abandoned in a box. While unsure how to execute it, I will incorporate them into the city.

Star Wars wasn’t the only franchise I was able to identify. I also reassembled several versions of Iron Man, Vision, and Rocket minifigures from the MCU.

I have many more minifigures to reassemble, and I’ll be close to finding 150 in this haul once the process is complete.


City Elements

This collection belonged to a fan of the Lego City theme – especially boats, planes, and cars. I didn’t know Lego made boats as big as the coast guard model below! I will have to incorporate a large harbor into my city plans to utilize many of these vessels. I don’t think I have space for this presently, but maybe one day. The same applies to planes, as an airport requires a lot of real estate that I don’t have.

Cars, however, will feature heavily. I have discovered chassis parts of various sizes in the lot, so I will have a variety of vehicles to populate my city streets. I will see if I can identify some sets and make some mocs out of other parts.

It seems most of the minifigures from these city sets are also in these boxes. As with the Star Wars minifigures, many of these city people were broken down into individual components, so it has been arduous to return them to their natural state. I am delighted with what I have been able to put together so far and know that my city will start with a bang thanks to this loot.


Big Minifigures

Rancor was a rare find in the boxes, who was initially missing legs and arms, but I have found all of those and reconstructed him. He is an ugly soul but a valuable one! I also have a Thanos and Cullobsidian. How I am going to incorporate these into my city, I do not know. They may be big enemies in a scene. The alternative would be to sell them and reinvest in other Legos.


What’s Next?

I need to continue sorting the pieces by size and color, so it will be more straightforward when I part out the sets I want to build (or “donate” to my friend). Hopefully, most of the pieces are there, and I don’t need to spend too much on PAB to complete them.

I also have a ton of minifigures that have yet to be identified. I will continue restoring as many as possible to their original form and free-ball them with whatever is left.

Sorting out this haul will be a long process, but I am in no rush and excited to see some sets come together. After that, I will put the parts into my inventory for MOCs that will find a home in my future city.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see what else I can find and create!


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