Set Name: Santa’s Sleigh
Set Number: 40499
Pieces: 343
MSRP: $39.99/CA$54.99/AU$69.99/£39.99

Why I Bought this Set

Picking up Santa’s sleigh is a no-brainer when purchasing Lego sets for Christmas decorations. It looks stunning and doesn’t appear to be a Lego set at first glance. I was attracted to the big red sleigh and the four reindeer. Initially, I thought it would sit on a shelf, but it is now part of my winter village.


The Build

Alas, I don’t have any build images of this one – I constructed it before I thought about blogging about my Lego journey. However, this was a quick and straightforward build, and the final images highlight most elements the set contains.

The build has two stages, described in a 76-page instruction booklet. During the first stage, most of the build is completed with the creation of the Santa minifigure, presents, reindeer, and the shell of the sleigh chassis. The second stage focuses on details – reigns, the sleigh exterior, and all the decorative elements.


I adore the Santa Claus minifigure. His torso is printed on the front and back, and I like the detail that he is keeping a candy cane in his belt for later! His legs are dual color, acting as the pants and boots. His hat and beard are lovely, detailed additions too. Finally, he comes with a Santa’s nice list print piece containing sixteen lucky children’s names.


The reindeer are the main attraction of this set. They look spectacular; however, they are molded pieces, so there isn’t a lot of building involved. I tried to purchase four more to make a complete set, but they were out of stock. Hopefully, I can get a few during the year for my 2023 winter display.


Santa’s list is the only printed piece in the set, with the other customized decorations being sticker elements. This set has 9 stickers: four on the reindeer, one branding the sleigh as Santa’s, one for the map to guide Santa, two rear sleigh decorative elements, and the last giving the sled a license plate.

A hidden feature of the set is a boot in the sleigh that houses treats for the reindeer! The compartment hides below the presents and slides in and out without resistance due to tile pieces. Inside, there is room for a pretzel and a carrot.


Visually, the sleigh is on point. The contrast between the red and gold parts is a classic Christmas combination. Additionally, the subtle green trim at the bottom of the chassis elevates the design, as it uses the same color scheme as the front sticker. The metallic gold decorative elements enhance the design to give Santa the luxury vehicle he needs for a long night of deliveries.


Set Review

What this set lacks in build gravitas, it makes up for in visual punch. It is an outstanding set as a Christmas decoration, and it can be used with the other winter village sets as it is at a minifig scale.

Despite how it looks, the low piece count for the price results in a set that takes minimal time to construct. Indeed, the longest part of the build was putting the stickers on straight. Therefore, if you are looking for an exciting build, this isn’t it.

The playability of the set is high, however. The boot compartment is a fun feature, and the storytelling writes itself. The presents are plentiful, so Santa will be busy delivering the gifts.

The reindeer come with alternative body pieces if you want to disconnect them from their sleigh saddles, perhaps for a night off in the stables. You put these on the reindeer during the build only to remove them, which I found odd.



Build: 2/5
With only the sled to construct, the build is quick and uncomplicated. Simple plate and brick make the shell that is covered in tile to give the polished finish. The build techniques are straightforward, which is why this set is rated 9+.

Display: 5/5
Santa’s sleigh looks incredible on a shelf; without close inspection, it doesn’t look like Lego, thanks to the tiled exterior. I suspect this makes the set appeal to a broader audience. The molded reindeer are the showstoppers of the set.

Price: 4/5
The PPP for this set is 8.5 cents, which isn’t bad considering the set’s expensive elements. The reindeer are $5 each, so half the set’s value is utilized for four parts. There are other decorative pieces and molded toys, and food too. So, the set is packed with high-value components. Overall, the value is fair, if not spectacular.


Final Thoughts

I enjoy looking at this set and will happily bring it out year after year to spread festive joy. I am a massive fan of the reindeer and Santa’s minifigure and appreciate the gifts that fill the back of the sleigh. While the build wasn’t overly enjoyable or “clever,” the result is an impressive decorative piece that fits in any Lego winter collection.

Buy the Set


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