Set Name: Horse Transporter
Set Number: 60327
Pieces: 196
MSRP: $29.99/CA$39.99/AU$44.99/£24.99

Theme: City
Age: 5+
Release Date: Jan 1st, 2022

Why I bought this set

Typically you buy a Lego set because it completes a collection, it’s too good a deal to refuse, or it fits perfectly in your Lego world. However, occasionally there is a set that has a personal reason, and this one of those was for me. My mum owned a fantastic horse, Star, who was a big part of our family. As soon as I saw this set, I knew I had to have it so Star could be in my city. The mold shares a white patch just like he had, so the likeness is acceptable. The set is adorable, and the riding hat and transporter are perfect for imagining my mum taking Star to a show.


The build

The set comes with two instruction books, so two people can build this set together. The first 40-page instruction manual covers stage one – the 4×4 vehicle, driver minifigure, and some accessories. The second 52-page booklet outlines the transporter, jump, rider, and horse.

As far as accessories go, this set has a riding hat, brush, carrot, and a husky. There’s nothing special about the first minifigure, with only a printed sweater, but he’s got a cheeky smile and is ready for a good day at the stables.


The vehicle’s construction begins with the base – including the wheel connections and the main chassis piece. At the back is a connector for a ball bearing that will act as the hitch for the transporter. There is nothing too technical in this part of the build – a simple plate layer to generate the SUV’s foundation.

Next, the wheel coverings are added, which brings the vehicle to life. The addition of dark blue elements starts to shape the model’s exterior. The choice of medium azure bricks makes the color combination pop. I love this bright blue – it looks fresh and exciting and will look fantastic in the green areas around the city.


The license plate is like most Lego cars – a sticker element on a plate with some grid pieces for detail. It looks great, so I fully understand. The hood of the SUV is a single piece, and it looks stunning. It’s crisp and bright. The front of the vehicle looks gorgeous. Adding in the tinted windows and windscreen gives this little off-roader a lot of character.

The vehicle is almost complete, with some tile and top panels needed to finish the clean look. I like that the studs show on the hood, and everything else is smooth. It’s beautiful. The wheels sit outside their covers perfectly, indicating this SUV can take any Lego city hills.


Part two of the build (with its separate manual) is worth waiting for, as this bag has vast and exciting elements. First up is the build’s centerpiece for me – the horse and rider. The mold is spectacular, and I also adore the saddle piece. Honestly, with a lot of imagination, the minifig looks a tiny bit like my mum, so for me, this takes me back to a moment when she and Star were together.

Time to build the final accessory, which is the little jump. It is straightforward yet effective. The poles are stacked candlesticks that rest on the bars. They’re realistic, too, as the lightest touch will knock these off – a fact my cat takes immense pleasure in proving. You can pose the hose and rider to look like they’re about to take off for a jump.

The transporter build starts just like the SUV – with the base first. The two axles are centrally located, and colorful pieces are applied for the internal sections.


Once the basic structure is in place, it is covered in black tile for the base of the transporter. Now the entire footprint can be seen, with a rounded front and straight back to let the horse in and out. Red bricks and tiles are added to form the beginnings of the internal structure.

With the ball connector in place, the details of the transporter start to take shape. First, a storage area is generated at the front of the transporter (need to keep hay and carrots somewhere!) before the shell is added. Red, white, and black are the colors of my favorite sports team, so naturally, I like the color choices used here.

A couple of large stickers are affixed to the panels. As these are dominant, younger children might need help with the alignment. Curved slopes sit on top of the panels to generate a gorgeous roof. Windows with ridged gray panels seal the back storage. Finally, a hinged plate creates the door for the horse.


The transporter looks incredible once built and doesn’t lack any details I want to see. Notably, the horse can be posed going into the transporter or sitting inside with its head popping out for a look at the world.

This set looks fantastic, and many scenes can be created from the build. I set everyone up as though the horse is enjoying a carrot while being brushed.


Set review

Typically, I look for little improvements that could be made to sets as more of a learning experience than an opportunity to be critical. I can’t find anything negative to say about this set. I picked it up at a reduced price, which positively affected my impression. If there is one flaw, it’s that the saddle does not fit in the storage space in the transporter. It’s close, but you can’t get it in there. Instead, I’ve stored it in the SUV, so there is at least somewhere to put it.

The vehicle moves well, and the connection to the trailer is sturdy and will hold up to me dragging it around. The SUV’s top is held on with one row of studs, so it is easy to remove and put in the minifigs. The cabin space does fit both!

The transporter is a great size, accommodating the horse and allowing any setup you want to pose the characters in.

I think this set is the basis of a larger scene, so as with most City sets, it doesn’t work well in isolation. However, there is a lot of playability, and I can see taking the horse out, saddling it up, brushing it, going for a ride with a jump, then offering a carrot. It’s all there.



Build: 4/5
I enjoyed this build, and it’s nice that it was split into two distinct sections so two people can build simultaneously. The part usage may not have been inspiring, but the finished product looks outstanding, and it’s functional. The two prominent sticker elements do not bother me – they were easy to line up. Also, as you can only see one side at once, they do not need to be aligned with each other, which helps relieve some sticker-placing stress.

Display: 4/5
The vibrant blue with the white transporter look fantastic together and could sit on a road, a stable, or by some city grass. The horse is possible in many positions, as I’ve shown in my photographs, so you can make this set look however you’d like. That kind of customization isn’t always possible, and it’s how city-themed sets can stand out. The little jump is the start of a larger area if you like – get a few more horses, and suddenly you have a show!

Price: 5/5
The price per piece (PPP) will never be outstanding in a relatively small set with a horse and four large wheels. Nonetheless, it comes in at 15.3 cents. This set is often on sale for around $23, making the PPP more palatable at 11.7 cents. I have no issue with the retail price, however. For that, you get two vehicles, two animals, two minifigures, a mini-build, and accessories.


Final thoughts

I enjoyed this set and think it’s a great addition to any city. Even if you don’t have green space, you could set this up as though it was leaving the urban areas to go to the fields for the weekend. If you don’t have a city but a good imagination, it’s a great play piece; it’s easy to see a child mimic taking care of and riding a horse with this set. As I said earlier, it’s often on sale, so try to pick it up when it is to make things easier on the wallet too.

Buy the set


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