Set Name: Captain America and Hydra Face-off
Set Number: 76189
Pieces: 49
MSRP: $9.99, Retired

Theme: Marvel
Age: 4+
Available: Jun 1st, 2020 – Dec 31st, 2022

Why I bought this set

By reading my blog, you will learn about my love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). These movies are the pinnacle of escapism, and no matter my mood, these always do the trick. There are so many films, and TV shows that my main issue is choosing which to watch.

We all have our favorite characters; for me, Captain America is right up there. I didn’t have a Cap in my collection, so when this set came up on sale right before retirement, I snapped it up. While I purchased the set mainly for the minifigure, I also liked the bike’s look, so it was a win-win as far as I was concerned.


The build

The set comes in a standard 4+ package, though I like the artwork showing the set’s playability. There is a single building stage, which is not surprising for a 49-piece pack. It comes with a small 64-page instruction book to guide the builder through the process.

First up in the build are the minifigures, which are excellent and exclusive to this set. Captain America comes with his classic hat and shield with print detail on the back and front. He also comes with a hairpiece and an alternative face if you want your Cap to look more chill. The Hydra henchman has a beanie hat and exceptional torso printing as well.


There isn’t much to this build, so unsurprisingly, it begins with putting the bike together. The bike is made of two solid bike chassis pieces, which produce a sturdy, wide bike and are connected using technic pins. Into each bike mold, two wheels are pinned into place. Ince together, the basis of the motorbike is evident, with a chassis that covers the bike.

Adding detail is next on the agenda, and first up is adding a couple of slopes and the Avengers symbol print piece to both sides of the bike. Having print pieces such as these makes the set feel premium. The back of the motorcycle gets orange mold pieces to act as fire, showing the bike had decent acceleration! Look at that bike go.

Another print element finishes the front of the bike along with handlebars so Cap can steer. His red seat is finished off with a 2×1 slope, so we know the rider will be comfortable.

Once I popped Captain America into position, I felt tingles. It looks fantastic, and I’m delighted to have this vehicle in my city.


The Hydra henchman has a little shooter to attack Captain America with, which is the build’s final aspect. It uses one 1×4 modified brick with inside clips piece that is often referred to as a projectile launcher.

It isn’t easy to show in pictures, but if you push the gold disc through the mini-build, it will fly. Far and fast. Glad Cap has his shield to protect himself.

At first, I didn’t think I would use the shooter in my city, but putting it on top of a building and having some discs flying for the Avengers to avoid might be fun.


Set review

This set might be small, but it packs a punch. The two minifigures are cracking, and the motorcycle is an excellent vehicle for playability. Often, Lego is judged on the final aesthetic, and it’s forgotten that it is, first and foremost, a toy. This set is well suited for child’s play due to its robust build and the shooter it comes with. Despite this, AFOLs will find delight in adding it to their collection, just as I did.



Build: 4/5
This is a 4+ set and only has 46 pieces, yet I experienced pure joy when putting it together. It is a superb set for the young as the pieces are large and difficult to break with play. The shooter element might require a bit of supervision, though!

Display: 4/5
Honestly, I don’t expect much for a 4+ set, yet this one surprised me. The Avengers motifs are all print pieces. I don’t know if this is standard in 4+ sets, but it delighted me in this instance. It adds a little extra flash to the build! Both minifigures are fantastic, and after creating a scene with the set, it looks great. I will happily put Captain America on his bike in my city.

Price: 5/5
At an MSRP of $9.99, the price per piece is almost 22 cents; however, that metric makes this set look insanely expensive. The reality is that for ten dollars, you get two minifigures with accessories and an excellent vehicle that will stand the test of child’s play. Let’s remember, too, that this is a licensed product. Therefore, this is a tremendous value. Of course, the set is now retired, so you’ll need to be quick to get this at a reasonable price before “set retirement tax” sets in.


Final thoughts

If you act quickly, you can find this set below MSRP as it retired on December 31st, 2022. I picked it up during the Lego end-of-year sale, although I would have paid the full $10 to have this Captain America. I adore the bike standing up without a wobble due to its broad base and double-thick wheels. He’s my first Captain America, which means he will always have a special place in my heart.

Buy the set


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