Set Name: Roadwork Truck
Set Number: 60284
Pieces: 58
MSRP: $9.99, Retired

Theme: City
Age: 4+
Available: Jan 1st, 2021 – Dec 31st, 2022

Why I bought this set

I spotted this little set in the Lego end-of-year sale and thought it would be a fun addition to my city. I want to place construction vehicles in areas of the city that are a work-in-progress, so this would fill that remit perfectly. I liked that this set came with a roadwork truck, minifigure, accessories, and a molded rat for under $10. If I weren’t picking up other sets, I probably wouldn’t have purchased this one, but it offered enough at the reduced price of $7.99 for me to add it to my cart.


The build

As expected, with a small 58-piece set, there is only one building stage covered in a tiny 28-page instruction booklet. The parts come in two small plastic bags, with the large truck’s base and cage provided loose in the box.

The single minifigure is the first part of the build. They have worker’s printing that has been part of the city line-up for years, so nothing unique there. The face is single-sided and is designed with a slight smile and protective eyewear. To complete the look, they wear a white hard hat and have a shovel as an accessory. Next are the two mini builds for the set – a roadwork street sign and a green wheelbarrow. 

To begin the vehicle’s construction, the large black base with integrated wheel axles is used. Onto it, three 4×2 yellow bricks are arranged, with a 2×4 dark grey tile placed next to it. On top of the yellow bricks, light grey wheel coverings are added to protect the rear wheels. At the front of the vehicle, two modified 2×2 plates are placed that will act as the anchor for the tipping bucket. The truck’s rear receives elevation via two modified 2×2 bricks and two 1×2 plates with clips. As this is a short build, you can already see the roadwork truck taking shape with these foundation pieces in place.


Quickly, details are added to the build. First, a 3×4 hinged light grey plate sits at the front of the vehicle; this is where the tipping bucket will attach. Printed 1×2 wedges with a grate design sit on either side of the steering wheel. A curved, 1×4 yellow tile piece creates the driver’s backrest. The truck begins to look complete when the bright yellow tipping bucket is in position. The playability of this element is seamless, with no resistance when moving the bucket. The hinge design allows the bucket to be placed at any desired angle, maximizing play and display possibilities.

The black cage fastens into the white clips at the rear to hold the protective covering in place. Being connected at a single point allows the cage to swing fully open, making it easy to place the minifigure in the driver’s seat. All that’s left to complete the vehicle are wheels, which are easy to construct and attach. The rim and tires come separately; the tire fits over the rim with a little stretch and snaps into place. The completed wheels clips into the axles on the truck’s base.

The set comes with a few other accessories, including orange pieces that make roadwork cones and several bricks to act as construction material. I had a lot of fun arranging all the extras into little scenes. I even managed to attach the wheelbarrow to the back of the cage so the roadworker could take all their tools with them!


Set review

As an adult, you might expect that I wouldn’t get much enjoyment from building something this simple, but you’d be wrong. It was an utter delight to build. Yes, it was fast; however, I get immense satisfaction seeing a few bricks become recognizable and functional. As with all 4+ sets, there are no stickers, only print pieces, which makes them look more professional and polished than some sets aimed at older age groups. 

I like the number of accessories in this set, making it feel jam-packed with features. The wheelbarrow is a notable element, and the cones might only be two pieces, but they are effective.

I love small city sets, as while they aren’t the masterpiece of a city, they are needed to bring them to life. For children, this set is perfect for exploring imaginative storytelling, and its sturdy construction will stand the test of playtime.



Build: 3/5
I had tremendous fun building this set, and I’d imagine that both children and the young at heart would have the same experience. While this set isn’t unique to the city lineup, it still captures the excitement of Lego with good building techniques and part usage to generate simple points of articulation. I found staging the set once it was complete the greatest part of the process, which is precisely the point of this set.

Display: 3/5
The set isn’t designed to function as a shelf piece but as part of a city or as a toy to be played with. I will place the truck in the city in an area under construction. I may repurpose the wheelbarrow for a farm area if I make one. Sets must be instantly recognizable as what they represent, and this set fills such a remit admirably. 

Price: 5/5
A $9.99 for 58 pieces, the set does have a high price per piece (PPP) value of ~17 cents. However, that value includes a minifigure, rat, tires, wheelbarrow, and the driver’s protective cage. Such expensive elements drive up the cost, so looking at only PPP isn’t the best metric for this set. I find $10 for a vehicle with a minifigure reasonable, and this set stands out due to the additional expensive accessories (rat, wheelbarrow, sign, and shovel). The set also contains two print pieces which always increases the cost.


Final thoughts

While this set is not a “must-have,” it is a lovely addition to any Lego city. The accessories help elevate the value of the set, offering many ways to display or play with it. As typical for 4+ sets, the construction is sturdy and will hold up to child’s play. You’ll have snagged a great deal if you can grab it for a couple of dollars off, as I did.

Buy the set


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