Seven new Creator 3-in-1 sets just hit the shelves. It’s an exciting wave that offers something for everyone. Let’s take a brief look at these new releases.

Cozy House, $59.99:

The cozy house is the most expensive set in the wave at US$59.99, which will excite most city builders. Its price point makes picking up a couple of these sets to “super-size” will make it attractive to MOC builders too. Typically, I’m interested in one, maybe two, iterations of the build in 3-in-1 sets, but with the cozy house, I wouldn’t mind having all three. Along with the recent A-frame cabin, this set looks like a fantastic fit for a campground or lake area in a city. 

As we can see from the official images, the house has three configurations, all of which have been designed to close (akin to the Lion Knights’ Castle) or open for playability. The main house design is the most livable for our minifigures, complete with four rooms when opened up (or two large rooms when closed). Alas, no bathroom for these adventurers, though!

Iteration two fits in with the lake house mindset, and I can visualize having a couple of these dotted around a lake for a touch of glamping. Oddly, this does have a bathroom, but no bedroom, so imagination will need to be used! Most likely, two sets back to back would be best for this mini A-frame set.

The final version is my least favorite, as a tall skinny house with a sparse interior is a little disappointing. In the closed formation, though, it could be an amazing little lake house. 

I will pick up at least a couple of these, perhaps more if there is a good sale or a MOC at that takes my fancy.

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


Beach Camper Van, $49.99:

Beach Camper Van is an excellent set if your city has a beach or a lakefront! However, there are too many micro-builds for this to be a good stand-alone set. I’m drawn to the outhouses, which will look fantastic on any water’s edge and can solve the bathroom issues your city, or small dwellings may have. The camper van is packed with details and playability, and I’m sure there is more the images don’t capture. The inflatable duck micro-build has me giddy. The mini crab, not so much. 

The second iteration is an ice cream parlor with an open-top off-roader. The vehicle looks fantastic, but the ice cream parlor is on point. The signage looks incredible and will be a welcome addition to any boardwalk. This configuration increases the set’s versatility as it also fits in a theme park or zoo. 

The third version is lackluster in comparison, providing us with a mini beach hut. The official images don’t show us the back, but I doubt there is much of an interior. I do like the part usage for the fencing on the upper floor. Nonetheless, it’s probably fun to build and is the only configuration to make a single model that would stand alone. 

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


Adorable Dogs, $29.99:

Dog lovers everywhere will likely be clamoring for this set. My favorite piece in the collection has to be the printed 1×1 round tile with the dog bone to act as the collar tag. That is precious, and I can’t wait for the cat version. It’s great that they included dog accessories such as a bowl, bone, and ball. The set has seven different dog designs, so I’m sure you can get close enough to your furball if that’s your goal with the set.

I won’t be picking this one up, but it’s a fantastic set for US$29.99. It’ll probably be a day-one purchase for me when they make the cat version. 😻

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


Exotic Parrot, $19.99:

For under $20, this parrot is a stunning build, filled with detail and outstanding part usage. Complete with a perch and fauna; it is a complete display piece that would look captivating on its own.

The other options are to make a frog, which is just about the best frog I have seen in Lego! The legs articulate, which is a fun feature and would look amazing on a shelf or even in a fish tank.

The final option is a fish with some plant life around it. It is an excellent design and would not look out of place as part of a display. Another option for a fish tank too! This would be a perfect build for an underwater area, which I hope to have. I might pick up this set for this build rather than the flagship parrot option.

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


Vintage Motorcycle, $14.99:

Vehicles are a popular subset of Lego – the Speed Champions line can attest to that, and this creator set is a great addition to such a collection. The design is crisp, clean, and sleek. The part usage is perfect and captures the look of a motorcycle perfectly. This looks the most polished of all the Creator sets on this list. 

The alternatives are weak entries, and I can’t see many buying this set for any other build version. An artillery-like gun is an odd option for Lego, who tend to avoid anything military. Perhaps they are hoping the teal elements hide the destructive force.

The final option is some cross between a wheelchair racer and a segway. It’s a weird build. I wish they had made it a wheelchair track racer, and that would make more sense and fit with their diversity-inspired Friends line.

I don’t collect non-city-sized vehicles, so I won’t be picking this one up, but if I knew someone that collected vehicles, I would get this for them.

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


Magical Unicorn, $9.99:

You can’t go wrong with a magical unicorn set! The design is delightful, with the unicorn in a two-legged pose. The joints also have articulation, so you can make the model look how you like. It stands out due to its bright mane, tail, and stand. 

The first alternative is a delightful, colorful seahorse, which, while not as stunning as the unicorn, does stand out and could be placed in an underwater scene.

The final option is a really cool peacock. Well, maybe a duck-peacock hybrid. A vibrant bird, that’s what I’ll call it. The rear has bright colors for a decorative tail. My favorite part of the bird is the hair – look at that quiff!

I likely won’t pick up this set, but it’s a great one and has good value for the $10 price point.

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


Space Shuttle, $9.99:

I can see this being a trendy set, as it should be – very few people do not want to look at a space shuttle. It’s a fabulous design that looks immediately identifiable, and I can see many builders having a great time swooshing this build around. The cargo hold opens up, containing a satellite ready for launch. 

The alternative builds are fun too. The first is a little fighter jet distinct from the space shuttle. Another chance for a swoosh moment and gives great breadth and re-buildability to the set.

The final option is an astronaut. Okay, this build doesn’t look the greatest. It’s a bit clunky, and the lines aren’t as sharp. However, there’s no doubt that it is an astronaut planting their flag on their conquered territory. 

This set is excellent for space fans, and I can see people making all three builds with this set. It’s perfect for young builders and would be a nice addition for AFOLs to place next to their larger space-themed builds.

For more offical images or to buy the set, click here.


So, that’s the seven sets of probably the greatest wave of the 3-in-1 Creator theme ever. It isn’t an expensive wave, but it is a welcome relief with the large, expensive sets on the horizon this summer. There is something for everyone, from display pieces to elements city builders will rush for. Every age group is accounted for too. Lego has done itself proud.

What are your thoughts? Any you have picked up already? Let me know. I love to talk about Lego!


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