Set Name: Electric Scooters & Charging Dock
Set Number: 40526
Pieces: 50
MSRP: $12.99/CA$16.99/AU$Retired/£11.99

Theme: City
Age: 6+
Available: Jun 1st, 2022 – Dec 31st, 2022

Why I bought this set

I purchased this set as part of the end-of-year Lego store sale, thinking these would be an excellent addition to my city. I like the idea of my city being “green” and part of the electric movement. The price point was ideal, too – $10 (sale price) for a couple of scooters and three minifigures is good value.


The build

This is my first set to come in this sort of packaging – what I believe is called a blister pack in Lego vernacular. I appreciate the minifigure plastic molding; if you must have plastic, it may as well be minifigure shaped. The packaging displays the build, and it is clear this is intended to be an add-on to existing Lego, such as a city, and not a set that stands on its own merits. Inside the blister is a double-sided sheet with the instructions and a plastic bag with the parts. It’s a lot of plastic, and I hope Lego moves away from this packaging as they transition to paper bags.

The build, as expected, is straightforward and begins with the construction of the scooter charging station. The build sits on a 4×8 light grey plate, and the station starts with white plates and bricks constructing the base of the two charging bays. White slopes give the station a polished exterior, and green 1x cylinders add a splash of color to the design. The cylinders are held in place with a single dark green plate and topped with white grates. Finally, a white pole is added that will have the solar panel that will power the station and charges the scooters.


Two scooters are included in the pack, and I’ve included a picture of one that’s complete next to all the parts for the second one. Construction is straightforward, with the two wheels snapping into the scooter chassis. The dual-sided white clip clasps into place and the handlebars are connected to the other end. The design allows for two points of articulation at both ends of the white clip, permitting the handlebars to be positioned optimally for your minifigure.

The set comes with three minifigures – two riders and a technician. The child has purple legs and a purple helmet embedded into the hair to match. The teenager or adult figure has a bright blue helmet and no hair. The technician has leg printing and a lovely back print that matches the symbol of the scooters. Her hair and hat, too, are a single piece.

Two finishing touches complete the set – single printed tiles on the scooter’s rear with the station logo and the printed solar panels onto the white pole. The technician minifigure comes with a couple of accessories – a toolbox and a wrench. As the child’s minifigure is shorter, I moved the handlebars downward so she could hold on. 


Set review

This set is a lovely addition to any city, though I can also see the independent playability as the scooters are a lot of fun. The design of the charging station is overly simple and lacks any exciting aesthetics. The stars of the set are the scooters and the minifigures with their accessories. It is also a great benefit that all the elements are print pieces, so there are no nasty stickers.

I can see many city builders, including myself, modifying the charging station built to look more complete and polished. Minimally, I will tile the bottom to look like the streets. However, the bare bones are all there, and this is a great set to add some fun scooters to any city. It will be nice to have some minifigures on scooters to mix in with pedestrians and cyclists to give the metropolis a vibrant and diverse feel.



Build: 3/5
This is not an exciting build. You are not buying the pack to have a fun buidling experience. Instead, you are buying it for parts and minifigures. If you are starting your Lego adventure, you can learn a little about building, but not much.

Display: 3/5
The charging station does not look that great. Even in cheap sets, I have seen better-looking mini-builds. Usually, I like to suggest a few tweaks to improve the look or functionality, but this build is too basic for that; an overhaul might be better. First, I would tile the bottom, and then it might look far better to be placed as is. 

However, display-wise, it’s not all bad. I have placed the child on her scooter in my city, which looks terrific. The scooters are a great color, and the helmets are something different for the minifigures to have. 

Price: 4/5
This set retired at the end of 2022; however, it is still 20% off at as they sell off their inventory. For $10 (current price), this set is a steal. Three minifigures with accessories and two scooters is excellent value. The two printed solar panels used for the traffic lights in the road plate pack and the new electric car are also great. 


Final thoughts

This is an excellent add-on pack for city builders. A few modifications to the mini-build will help the station look better – what is appropriate will depend on your city. The minifigures can be mixed up with other city figures to create custom city people, so you don’t have duplicates. I have two more of these sets to have charging stations placed throughout the city. I love the look of scooters on the street, and at $10, it was too good a deal to pass up. 

Buy the set


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