Set Name: Taskmaster’s Ambush
Set Number: 77905
Pieces: 230
MSRP: $39.99, Retired

Theme: Marvel
Age: 7+
Available: Oct 1st, 2020 –
Oct 31st, 2020

Why I bought this set

As a massive fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I’ve started collecting the Lego Marvel minifigures. I’d like to have them all one day, but it will be a process!

One of my favorite characters is Black Widow, and I found that this limited edition set was the only one with her in the white suit from her self-titled movie. I considered getting the minifigure separately, but my interest was piqued when I spotted that Red Dragon was exclusive to this set too.

What sealed the deal was that the set cost was less than the price of those two minifigures – never mind the Taskmaster minifigure and the build itself. The vehicle looked terrific, and I was intrigued by the stand it came on. Finally, the artwork is unique and striking. As the economics worked in my favor, I snapped up this set before it became far too expensive.


The build

This was a highly limited set, originally produced for the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con, which was canceled. Ultimately, it was only available on and in October 2020.

The artwork on this limited edition set is unique and gorgeous. The front doesn’t show the build but focuses on the two main minifigures in the set with stylized drawings. The back of the box has one image of the build – again, an unusual move from Lego. Typically, the artwork has several views of the build, and the minifigures are displayed at the bottom of the box.

Another move from the norm is that the box’s interior is black and opens presentation style. Granted, I haven’t been building Lego long, but this is all a departure from the sets I have made so far.

All the pieces are in a single building stage – officially – though you build the base, then the vehicle. There is a small sticker sheet, but nothing too daunting. The instructions are covered in a 76-page booklet.

First up are the stars of the set – the three exclusive minifigures. Black Widow is the only figure with leg printing, and the design matches the white suit she wore in her titular movie. She comes with two bright blue batons, which she has never had on screen, but always come with her minifigure. Red Dragon is the most expensive figure in the set, as this is his only minifigure so far. His shield is a mini-build, and that is a sticker on the front. Be careful when placing that! Taskmaster comes with outstanding torso printing and a machete for a weapon.


The base is the first section of the build, which the truck will sit on. The design is simple yet effective. The black plate is trimmed with black tile, and transparent orange pieces add design and interest to the base. On top of the black plate, the grey plates, tile, and modified plates are placed. This creates a robust platform. There are also two modified tiles with technic pieces, which will be anchors for the vehicle clip.

A combination of slopes and triangular plates creates a fun design to add texture and height to the base. Overall this makes the platform exciting and not a flat piece plate.

Interesting part usage generates the clip for the vehicle that is held in place with a technic piece. Finally, a couple of clear transparent elements are added to the base, which can be used to place the minifigures.

The vehicle’s chassis begins with technic plates, an inverted slope, and two clips on modified plates. Onto this base, structural arches and a cylinder are placed. The bright blue is used to help with reading instructions as it is an internal piece and will not be seen in the final model.

Next, the truck’s cargo hold is constructed, and it looks striking with the color choices of navy blue and bright orange. A couple of jumpers are placed on the floor to allow items to be attached later.


The cargo area connects to the first part of the build before a couple of clips and a second safety bar are attached.

The front aesthetic comes from a couple of black slopes on either side of a silver ingot. Onto that, we add 2×3 black slopes with a couple of stickers. It would be best if you got these aligned perfectly, and adding these was a tense time. With an orange plate as the base, this element locks onto the front of the truck, and the hood is complete.

The front section attaches the rest of the build, with black slopes and stickers to maintain the Taskmaster design and the orange accents.

Continuing the same aesthetic as the cargo section, modified dark blue tile is added the the sides, and a couple of altered 1x plates provide clips at the front.

Underneath, wheel connectors are placed. The front pair are connected to a single axel that allows articulation left and right. The four rear tires are split into pairs that can articulate front and back independently. This suspension system results in the truck being able to navigate any terrain.


The wheels are made by placing the central grey pieces into the tires and pushing them onto the connectors. Blue circular tiles are placed in the center to give the wheels more identity and tie in the Taskmaster color palate.

With the vehicle complete, the set needs accessories to act as a battle machine. A sticker element creates the Taskmaster shield that is clipped to the side, as well as a bow and arrow. The final component is a mini-build of a container containing a briefcase, mobile phone, and some chemical weapons. The box is placed in the cargo section of the vehicle, and the set is complete.

I positioned the minifigures to match the set picture, with Black Widow attacking from above and Red Dragon approaching from the side. Taskmaster is ready with their machete!


Set review

I adore this set, not because of the unique minifigures but because the vehicle is impressive. The way the front tires are independent of the two pairs at the rear means it is ready to tackle any hill. It is a fantastic suspension system technique and adds a dynamic play feature I wasn’t aware of before building. I will create more of these vehicles using parts from my inventory as I adore the design.

The stand is a charming element in this set. Often these smaller sets would be the vehicle and the minifigures, and you’d be left to display it alone or place it in a city. The stand, though, adds an element of grandeur, emphasizing that this is a set to be displayed and appreciated. The designer put considerable thought into this, and it has paid off.

Do the sticker elements bother me? Yes, because of the after-market price I paid, but it was a fair decision for retail. Otherwise, the cost of the set would rise considerably. I’ll admit, getting the front two to line up was a terrifying experience and ruined the zen mood of Lego building momentarily.

Considering the artwork, packaging, build, and minifigures, the set hits all the right spots, and no Marvel fan will be disappointed.



Build: 4/5
This was a relaxing build, though not one with a lot of unique part usage. For a vehicle, it was straightforward, with easy-to-follow instructions. The only stressful element was sticker placement which had to be near perfect at the front as two had to line up.

The base was an easy start to the build, layering plate and tile to create a textured foundation. The set takes little time to assemble, but the final product is exemplary.

Display: 5/5
I am impressed with the sets’ appearance from any vantage point. The vehicle looks attractive, and the base only adds to that. The combination of flashes of orange with navy blue gives the truck a signature appearance that helps it stand out without being garish.

I wish Red Dragon’s minifigure came with printing on the legs, though I understand that if only one minifigure should get that treatment, it would and should be Black Widow. My gripe is not about creating a more expensive minifigure, but instead, as he is on display, it would have been a nice final touch. As Taskmaster sits in the vehicle, it was wise to forgo leg printing on that figure. I also wish the shields were made from printed elements, as getting those a little wrong can severely reduce the look of the set.

The base and inclusion of transparent stands for the minifigures indicate the set was designed as a shelf display piece. However, lifting the vehicle off and playing with it is very easy. I had initially planned to place this set in the city, but now I am torn!

Price: 2/5
In hindsight, the MSRP for this set of $39.99 was a steal, based on how it has increased in value since retiring. As always, though, I will judge to set price based on its Lego lifetime. The price per piece of 17.4 cents may seem high, but the set has some expensive parts – including six large tires, three minifigures, and accessories. Even so, $40 is a lot in 2020 pricing for this set, especially when the shields aren’t printed, and the set does not include any unique molds. The limited production run may have increased the MSRP. A price point of $25-30 would have been more palatable.


Final thoughts

Buying this set in early 2023 is a big decision due to the average price of $65 to get this on the aftermarket. However, if you collect minifigures, this set pays for itself. Any Marvel fan will want this to complete their collection, and knowing that you can sell the set in a few years for what you paid for it will always make you feel more comfortable purchasing a retired set that’s well above MSRP. I have no regrets and am pleased to have this in my Marvel collection.

Buy the set


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