During April 2023, VIP members receive the Spring VIP Add-on Pack #40606 with a qualifying purchase of US$50. The gift with purchase (GWP) poly bag contains 128 pieces, designed to bring your current sets, city, or free build to life.

I received one yesterday and thought it would be fun to break down exactly what’s in the pack! The official image is decent at showing what’s inside, but it only captures some things.


The polybag is the standard Lego packaging, with a transparent front and white writing to show the pack’s details.

The back of the packaging is dark, almost black, blue, with more legal text and the barcode.

After emptying the bag, the larger pieces are loose, and all the small decorative elements are in a separate bag. While this is wonderful in terms of parts not flying everywhere, it does mean more plastic, and I can’t wait for Lego to move toward paper packaging as soon as possible.

A small “instruction” manual provides ideas on how to use the parts. There is a QR code at the top that I hoped would show more about the pack. Unfortunately, it only takes you to the pick-a-brick section of the website.


I’ve split the parts into those in the primary packing and those in the secondary.

I love the more significant elements included. My favorite elements are the hats, wheelbarrow, lamb, and yellow basket. As a city builder, the bikes, fences, and all the flora elements are fantastic additions to my inventory. I’d always pick up essential pieces, such as the 4×4 reddish brown tile, so it’s great these are included too.

In the small internal bag are all the minute pieces. These are essential for detailing, and the selection is delightful. I am giddy about the ladybird and bee print pieces! A bird, rabbit, and leaves are always welcome in my Lego home too.

I took a few close-up pictures of some elements to highlight their adorability. 🙂


Lego values this pack at $9.99, but I wanted to know what these elements would cost if I bought them from their online pick-a-prick service. I’ve broken it down in the table below.

PartPrice ($)QuantityTotal Cost ($)
Bicycle #655740.8221.64
Cloud Plate #354700.2720.54
Sheep #699981.6411.64
Egg #249460.1220.24
Tree Limb #24230.1540.60
Arch Brick #929030.14121.68
Fence #333030.2841.12
Flower Stalk #191190.2140.84
Wheelbarrow #654111.5411.54
Wheel #656300.5410.54
Wheel #285781.0244.08
Basket #186580.5710.57
Broom #38360.1210.12
Shovel #38370.1310.13
Pitchfork #953450.3410.34
Watering Can #797360.3410.34
Grass #315760.1240.48
Fedora Hat #615060.1720.34
Pannier #45230.3320.66
4×4 Plate #30310.2020.40
2×4 Plate #30200.1420.28
2×2 Brick #30030.1320.26
1×2 Profile Brick #28770.0920.18
Skater Helmet #463030.2120.42
Plant #326070.0640.24
Flower #248660.05351.75
Mini Roller Skate #187470.1230.36
Cherry #186600.0750.35
Heart #397390.0830.24
Open Stud #286260.0450.20
Strawberry Tile #158260.1230.36
Bee Tile #791390.1330.39
Ladybird Tile #723990.1130.33
Juice Brick #956660.2520.50
Bunny #495842.5012.50
Bird #664201.4311.43
Carrot #200860.1220.24
Carrot Top #331830.0730.21
Bucket #953430.1220.24
Handle #291760.1730.51
Umbrella #770420.2020.40

There were a few extras in my pack, 12 in all. The pieces come to just under $30 (I removed the bestseller fee of $3.50), so the $10 price of this pack is a fantastic value from Lego.


I am delighted with this VIP Add-on pack, which is stuffed with elements that will bring my Lego city to life. Did you get the spring pack? What are your favorite pieces? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



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