Set Name: Flowerpot
Set Number: 40588
Pieces: 292
MSRP: Gift with purchase – $150 threshold

Theme: Botanical, Limited Edition
Age: 12+
Available: Apr 14th – 24th, 2023


Why I bought this set

I saw this gift with purchase (GWP) for a reasonable threshold of $150 as an excellent opportunity to try out the botanical theme. I’ve always considered these sets clever and visually different – you don’t see these sets and instantly think of Lego. However, I have yet to dip my toes into this product line as you can’t collect everything. Many pieces looked reusable in a cityscape, and the pot’s parts could be repurposed as a hot air balloon if I didn’t care for the build afterward. So, I loaded up my cart with the sets I wanted and stacked this GWP with the Spring VIP Pack and the 4×4 off-road ambulance rescue. That’s a lot of free Lego, after all.

Set contents

This 292-piece set comes in two stages outlined in a 64-page instruction booklet. The first stage creates the inner core of the build, with the second stage assembling the pot’s exterior and the tiny flowers at the front.

The packaging is a beautiful mix of purples and lilacs, with the GWP logo in the top right corner and the limited edition banner scrolled across the bottom. It’s glorious packaging for a GWP.


There are no minifigures with this set. It would be odd if there were one. Unless you want the flower pot to represent a “Honey, I shrunk the Kids” scenario, where the minifigure has an adventure to escape before the dreaded watering!

Set highlights

Visually, the set is stunning. The official images do not do it justice, as it looks far better in person. For some, this will be worth the aggravating build!

The color palate is delightful. The muted yellow of the pot was an excellent choice, as it provides a perfect backdrop without being too dominating a color.

The effect of different heights for the flora is well arranged, and the flowers crawling down the front are a beautiful design consideration.

Part usage is inspiring – I always enjoy seeing parts used in exciting and new ways. The eggs becoming flower buds makes perfect sense, but not something I would have thought of.


Set revisions?

Stability is a major issue with this set, which I never thought I’d say about an officially designed set. While the base (when connected) is solid, a single connection holds many elements in place. The slightest nudge and something will fall off as each stem is top-heavy.

What’s worse is when you go to fix a broken stem, you end up displacing more pieces as it’s tight in the pot! I can see this being incredibly frustrating for those with larger hands. Frequently, I removed several elements to rebuild whatever my cat had knocked off.

Affixing the pot sides is challenging, and it took a few goes to get them connected. Yes, I broke the set several times in the process.

The set can be improved by making it a 360-degree experience. In its current form, the set only looks impressive from the front and poor from the rear. While this is fine on a shelf, this would make a lovely centerpiece for a table, so adding a few more parts would be a good investment. Dangling flowers down the other side and hiding the large leaf elements would achieve this aesthetic. The expensive pieces are already in place, so making these augmentations would be a manageable financial burden.

While modifying the set to increase stability is an option, it’s probably best and easiest to make the set and never touch it. That is until it needs dusting…



Build: 2/5
While building the flower pot wasn’t an entirely horrible experience, it was frustrating. Everything was going well until I tried to put the four sides of the pot together, at which point, the connections wouldn’t align, and then I broke the existing elements trying to snap it into place. Thus began the cycle of fixing while building.

For many, this is a little more delicate than we’d want Lego to be! Myself included. However, despite the fiddling required, I did enjoy the mechanics of combining simple elements into a spectacular display piece.

Overall, though, the fragility was the overarching impression.

Display: 5/5
From the front, this is the prettiest GWP I have received from Lego. It successfully achieves the “not Lego” appearance. The varying heights allow each element to shine too. The flowers draping down the front is gorgeous and help break up the block of yellow from the large pieces.

Price: 5/5
The $150 threshold is a superb entry point for this set. Valued at $24.99, you get a lot of free Lego for your money! When you consider that this was a stackable GWP, it makes the entry point even better. The set’s price per piece (PPP) is also a respectable 11.7 cents – balancing the large pot pieces with the tiny flowers.


Final thoughts

Lego did a fantastic job releasing a lovely botanical gift with purchase as a gateway to the collection. It is a nice departure from the other offerings this year: vehicles, animals, and micro houses. Though, it does remind me of the Easter Basket set! I enjoyed seeing the set come together and love looking at the final piece. Hopefully, you grabbed one during the promotional period. If not, this product does suggest the botanical line is worth another look!

Buy the set


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