The Pirate Ship Playground #40589 is a 168-piece gift with purchase (GWP) available in North America between 5/22-6/3. The threshold for this sought-after set is a reasonable $100 spend.

The promotional period overlaps with the release date of many new sets, so it’s an excellent opportunity to pick this fantastic GWP, stacking it with the Spring VIP Add-on Pack (while stocks last).


Pirate Ship Playground GWP #40589, 168 pieces, $100 threshold:

Last month, other markets were treated to the Pirate Ship Playground, while North America had the release of the 4×4 Off-road Ambulance Rescue GWP. I was jealous and hoped North America would get an opportunity to pick this set up too.

There are many remarkable aspects to this set. First, it comes with two child minifigures – a rarity in GWPs. Their cheeky faces, pirate shirts, hats, and sword accessories are delightful.

The red rotating octopus (we only see its two legs as the arms are turning) is a stand-out build due to its size, color, and cute face. It also squirts water. Admittingly, I didn’t know it was an octopus until I read the description, though now I wonder what I thought it was.

The parts included in this set are premium too. There’s a gold treasure chest – I only have reddish brown ones, so this is a significant piece haul for me. There are also printed wood panel pieces and a molded crab included. The slide, crow’s nest, and macaroni tiles are fantastic. I’m drawn to those tree limb elements, which are a recreation of an old piece, throwing in some nostalgia. As a new Lego fan, I might not be able to tap into that, but I can appreciate having more diversity in the flora in my Lego world. Overall, it’s a great set to part out, even if you are not interested in the build.

The playability in this GWP is off the charts, with a slide in the middle of the ship and a water cannon (the octopus). I can tell many stories with this set despite the relatively low piece count, and that’s a credit to the design.


Overall, a lot is packed into a small set that Lego values at $19.99.

Mostly, I adore the versatility offered. You can use it as is and play with it without augmentation or pop it on a shelf as a fun throwback display piece. For city builders, it can be a playground in a city park, amusement park, beach, or an island like the Ray the Castaway set. It leaves a lot to the user’s imagination, and that’s an aspect of Lego I love. One build: endless possibilities.

This morning, I grabbed this GWP online while securing the discounted Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Trunk and another Cozy House for a Rebrickable model that combines two sets into one modular build.

Check out the sale section online, as there are 20% discounts on sets from various themes to celebrate Child’s Day between May 22nd and June 13th.

Are you excited about this GWP? If so, what are you buying to get over the $100 threshold, and how are you planning on using the set in the future? Let me know in the comments below!


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