Set Name: Halloween Cat and Mouse
Set Number: 40570
Pieces: 328
MSRP: $12.99/CA$16.99/AU$19.99/£11.99

Why I Bought this Set

I am the proud owner of two black cats, aka voids, and when I was looking for my first sets a few weeks ago, I wondered if there was something that would resemble my fur babies. Naturally, I searched for cats, and this wee set came up. I couldn’t fathom how perfect it was. I’m not into Halloween, probably because I am British. Thus it was never that important to me. The mouse and pumpkins are cute, so I had no issues getting this set. I will remove the cat from the base plate once October passes to have a black cat on my desk all year round. I wish I had two of these sets, one to represent each of my cats.


The Build

I built this set before I decided to blog about my LEGO journey, so I don’t have pictures of the building process. Instead, I have a few snapshots of the finished product. They were only intended to show my friend what I had made, so forgive the trash in the background!

You are provided with a 92-page booklet, and the parts are separated into three sections. You build the set in three stages – mouse & pumpkin, cat, and the base is last.


The pumpkin was great to build. How the top of the pumpkin is held to the side so the mouse can pop out is wonderfully clever. Similarly, the mouse is incredibly effective. The use of the circle pieces to create the ears is brilliant. The orange is gorgeous and helps the mouse stand out.

I made the mouse look at the cat – is a chase on? Perhaps it would have been better to stay inside the pumpkin!


Below is the highlight of the set for me – the back cat. I am in love with this figure. It might seem simple to experienced builders, but I adore how the whiskers and the pink stud make such a cute face. The part usage is great, too – creating a flexible tail and excellent texture for the cat’s fur.


The base plate has plenty of detail, which is something I adore about LEGO – they never skimp out on the little things. The molded pumpkins look fantastic, and I appreciate the autumn-colored leaves. Overall, it isn’t the most exciting base plate, though. It is designed to be neutral and be a facilitator for the featured elements rather than a piece on its own.

When everything is put together, I think it works really well as a Halloween or fall decoration.


Set Review

While it may be a small set, it was a lot of fun to build. Splitting it up into stages makes it easy to build with someone else or take the build slowly if you choose.

If you have a large Hallowe’en LEGO display, you could break up this set and add the elements best suited for your creation. The pumpkin and cat both swivel on the spot and can be picked up and separated from the base without effort. Perhaps black cats and carved pumpkins have no place in a fall display, but I don’t see why you couldn’t leave it up until Thanksgiving!

This small set will please the young and old alike.



Build: 4/5
My joy for this build was undoubtedly linked to creating a black cat with LEGO. Many sets are like that – the fun is related to what you are making, not how you create it. Nonetheless, even an experienced builder would enjoy the part usage and seeing these animals come to life.

Display: 5/5
Looking at this set makes me smile. It is a beautiful seasonal set that won’t go out of style year after year. The vibrant colors and the contrast between the black cat and the orange pumpkin makes it visually engaging. The neutral colors of the base help elevate the main elements, and the molded pumpkins are a beautiful touch to complete the set.

Price: 5/5
This set comes in at under 4 cents per piece, which is a remarkable value. You also get a lot for your money, including some expensive elements, such as the molded pumpkins, leaves, and the mouse’s tail.


Final Thoughts

This is an excellent set that can be built solo or with someone. The result is an adorable, visually stunning Halloween decoration that would look great as part of a larger display or on its own. It has no apparent faults, and the build was a lot of fun with excellent part usage. If you can find one, I’d pick it up to add to your collection.

Buy the Set


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