What a year it has been for the Creator 3-in-1 series, and it is set to continue! The theme released a near-flawless wave of seven sets in March, and two more are joining the series this August.

We are ready to welcome Main Street and Space Roller Coaster to the Lego family – I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

Main Street #31141, 1459 pieces, $139.99:

What a fantastic set Lego has produced for city creators. Each permutation of this gives something different in both appearance and establishments.


Main Street is an excellent gateway to city creation, providing frontages of various heights and architectural styles. The corner hotel is glorious and regal, complete with flags and balconies. Having the band play above the music store is a delightful feature that brings the street alive.

I am attracted to the second version, with the road through the middle, perhaps creating a pedestrian area. It pairs nicely with the forthcoming City set – Downtown #60380, which also has this entryway design (though the scaling may need to be tweaked to match).

The third and tallest permutation reminds me of a clock tower and could look beautiful as a central piece for the downtown area of a city.

The main thing this set screams to me is potential. Open-backed sets are not what I want for my city, so they can’t slot in as-is. However, the parts included are perfect for creating MOCs, and I can see many Rebrickable models using two or three of these sets to generate magnificent modular buildings.

In its current form, though, there is much playability, and it will look cracking on a shelf. It is a fabulous set for some free-play Lego.

Naturally, the piece count isn’t there for the interiors to be detailed, but Lego has done a fantastic job with the design to create something for each minifigure to do.

Aside from the attractive price per piece (PPP) of 9.6 cents, this set has excellent value with six minifigures and printed elements (I didn’t spot any stickers).

For more official images or to buy the set, click here.


Space Roller Coaster #31142, 874 pieces, $109.99:

The second set releasing August 1st, is the Space Roller Coaster. Wow. what an absolutely cracking set. Each variation has much to love, so let’s dive in.

The roller coaster is an inspired design, fitting so much into a compact space. The price point is attractive – with the loop coaster being too expensive and big for many Lego consumers. This new set fills that area of the market beautifully. I adore the variety of space-themed builds around the course – with a rocket, lunar base, and planets.

The other variations are craking, too – with a different appearance despite being made from the same parts. The free-fall ride has a good play feature to release the passengers, which is nice. The space shuttle build looks striking, and the engine’s light brick adds a lot to the appearance.

The final ride is swinging spaceships, and it looks like a great addition to the space area of the theme park. It does seem to miss a few pieces, so buying three sets to build each variant may leave some elements unused – which can help with a longer track or add to the inventory.

A big highlight is the return of the space baby (Benny), seen in the series 24 minifigure collection. Each of the three possible builds has a specific small ride for the baby so that they can enjoy all the space fun too!

The set is fantastic value, despite the price per piece being higher than the desired 10-cent threshold. That’s due to large parts, tracks, and a light brick. The set also includes six minifigures, which is a lot for a small set like this.

While I am always city-minded, this set will look fantastic as a display piece. For me, the best display build is the free-fall ride, as the space shuttle is something I’d want to look at repeatedly.

I am now trying to plan a theme park with all three of these rides, along with some of the city space sets I previously overlooked due to needing to build a space area.

For more official images or to buy the set, click here.


Final thoughts

Both of these sets are incredible. Main Street is a fantastic way to get a street facade cheaply and offers a beautiful variety of permutations to suit many tastes and needs. The Space Roller Coaster is inspired by mixing two things people love. I will get multiple copies of both sets. Where I will put them is tomorrow’s problem.

Are you excited about these releases? Let me know in the comments below!



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