It’s a stackable gift with purchase (GWP) week at the Lego store! Getting multiple GWPs is always a great deal, so let’s look at what is on offer and what purchasing thresholds you need to hit to secure your desired GWPs.

Flowerpot – $150 threshold

With qualifying purchases over US$150 (£130, €150, AU$240), you can get the exclusive Flowerpot #40588. It’s a 292-piece set that adds to the trendy botanical line. The set is striking and looks to contain a few rare parts. I still need to dip my toes into the botanical line, so I’m excited to get this and see how Lego flora looks. The design is one of the best in this line so far, and I am amazed this is a GWP. Lego prices this set at $24.99, so it’s a fantastic price threshold for this GWP.

As the botanical line is popular and the threshold is reasonable, I recommend grabbing this one quickly. The last GWP – Houses of the World 2 – sold out in a day, and I want you to take advantage of this deal if you like it!

Available April 14th – 24th.


4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue – $100 threshold

While New Zealand and Australia have the Pirate Ship Playground #40489 as their mid-tier GWP, the United States and Canada see the return of the 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue. It was a GWP in February, and Lego must have plenty left to rerelease it. It’s a 162-piece set that Lego values at $19.99. It comes with three minifigures, a vehicle, and appropriate accessories.

It’s a set I’ve yet to build, but I certainly won’t mind having another, as every city needs first responders. Unlike the Flowerpot, this has playability, an excellent companion GWP to a display piece. Great set for an obtainable threshold of US$100 / £95 / €100.

Like the Flowerpot, this GWP is not linked to any theme and is available to all customers. Available April 14th – 24th.


Spring Fun VIP Add-on Pack – $50 threshold

For VIP members (it’s free to sign up, so I recommend it to everyone), you can still get the Spring Fun VIP Add-on Pack. It’s a poly bag full of accessories and decorative elements to add more detail of life to your current builds, city, or help you make a MOC.

There are so many items that it can be hard to see them all in the official image. I didn’t spot the rabbit and lamb at first glance! To get this pack, you must spend at least $50 on qualifying purchases (no theme restrictions). Available until stock runs out (no official end date).


All these GWP are stackable, i.e., you can snag all three for a $150 purchase. With $55 free sets, it is a fantastic time to get yourself a set or some much-needed PAB.

But wait… there’s more!

Yellow Yoshi’s Fruit Tree Expansion Set – $40 threshold, Mario ONLY

This week you can also get the Yellow Yoshi’s Fruit Tree Expansion Set with any $40 purchase on Mario sets. This $4.99 poly bag is only available online and not in stores and is available April 5th – April 30th.

I don’t collect Lego Mario, but Yoshi is my favorite character, and for a brick build, he looks fantastic. You don’t need to be a VIP member to grab this deal.


So there you have it. Just about the best week possible to pick up that Mighty Bowser set!

Remember, the Black Panther bust is 40% if you want to pick that one up.

I ordered Hedwig, Hungarian Horntail Dragon, Cozy House, and Tuk Tuk to get the three GWPs. Are you going to get these GWPs? If yes, what sets are you picking up this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Spring and Lego shopping, everyone!



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